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ATLAS Computing and Muon Calibration Center

Networking at AGLT2

AGLT2 extensively leverages networking technology from Dell, Force10, Juniper, and Mellanox. Our network is always evolving to make the best use of new technologies and enable maximum data throughput for research.

Internally all of our storage and many of our compute nodes are connected at a minimum of 10Gbps or often 2 x 10Gbps in a bonded configuration. Some large storage nodes utilize single or dual 40Gbps links, and we are migrating to 100Gbps links in the near future. Our site has 100Gbps connectivity to the LHCONE network and MSU.


Juniper EX9208

The Juniper EX9208 is our core backbone switch hosting 40Gbps and 100Gbps WAN links.


Mellanox SN2700

The Mellanox SN2700 switch with 32 x 100Gbps ports enables 100Gb connectivity for our large storage servers so they have the throughput to fully saturate their storage bandwidth and service multiple clients requesting data on high-speed links.

Dell Force10

Dell Force10 S4810

Our common workhorse for enabling both 10Gbps and 40Gbps links is the Dell Force10 S4810 with 48 SFP+ 10GB ports and 4 QSFP+ 40Gb ports. They are used for host 10Gb and 40Gb connections and to connect the core of our network to our Juniper switch with 2 x 40G VLT (aka MLAG on other switches). The 40Gb link between our ATLAS Tier2 and Tier3 data centers on campus is also hosted between a pair of these switches.

Dell PowerConnect 8024

PowerConnect 8024F

This 10Gbps switch is reliable and cost-effective with stacking capability. They have 24 SFP+ 10GB ports which we use primarily as extra LAN paths in our virtualization infrastructure but also for storage or service nodes as needed.

Dell PowerConnect M8024

PowerConnect M8024

PowerConnect M8024 switches are PC8024 derivatives installed as modules in the M1000e blade chassis. They have 16 internal 10Gb ports for blade servers plus up to 8 external 10G ports (2 x 4 port modules). We currently do not stack the pair of these we have but the switch has the ability.

Dell PowerConnect 6284

PowerConnect 6248

Dell PC6248 switches have 48 x 1GB ports, 2 x 10GB ports (2 x 2 port modules), and 2 stacking ports we use to combine up to six into one logical switch. Most of our 1Gb connectivity is through logical stacks of this switch or M6220 switches in blade chassis.

Dell PowerConnect M6220

PowerConnect M6220

PowerConnect M6220 switches are 6200 series derivatives installed as modules in the M1000e blade chassis. They have 16 internal 1Gb ports for blade servers plus 4 external 10G ports (2 x 2 port modules) of which we use 2 to stack units.